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The inspired process is established on the foundation of firm and collective expertise, as well as mindfulness to the distinctive and situational elements of each project lead by our clients’ vision, we work to exceed expectations in all subdivisions of design.


Every Rawabi Consultant project is driven by the principles of excellence and devotion. We believe in design quality and are committed to providing our customers with the most effective solutions.

Our skilled staff works for a perfect mix of rhythm and scale; proportions and balance, which are at the heart of every design we create.

We apply unique design ideas to improve performance and maximize site utilization. Most essential, our designs have the ability to impact people now while anticipating their requirements for the future. As a result, creating a significant effect in the human experience as a whole.


These are the tenets that Rawabi Consultants abide by in its work. Our international engineering consultants’ group in Dubai collaborate closely with clients to provide fully integrated, properly tailored solutions. We will closely analyse your requirements and budget against the timeline you have set for your project and provide solutions that are optimized to meet your needs. With an emphasis on transparency, we will provide updates on the progress of your project, as well as the running cost of operations.


Our experience is in our full spectrum of services, which begins with doing market research and feasibility study and ends with project execution and operation.

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Our Vision

  • To become a premier regional consultant firm providing full-service design, supervision, and project management.

Our Mission

  • Building and maintaining trust with clients & project stakeholders
  • Offering a blend of creativity, sustainability, professionalism, and efficiency in its services to meet and even exceed client expectations.
  • Maintaining and developing existing QA/QC management systems and personal staff training.
  • Implementing eco-friendly designs to promote sustainability and environmental preservation.
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Why Choose Us?

Engineering consultants

The present creative ideas for project planning and execution that result in the most efficient solution. We devise a strategy that takes into account the needs of current society while not jeopardizing the culture it represents. To create and strengthen a project, it takes extensive research and talent to attain a worthy outcome. An engineering project is not a simple task that anyone can complete; it requires skills and experience because it houses many people in the future who need comfort and safety. We carry out our tasks with pride and integrity in order to demonstrate the sincerity and enthusiasm that we exemplify in the engineering profession.

Whether private or governmental infrastructure projects, the ultimate purpose is to meet the requirements of people and the society on which they stand. Our goal is to continue improving engineering productivity for the benefit of all. Let us collaborate to achieve greatness in all spheres of life.

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